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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to make free calls from Skype (3) : use access number with free minutes

Last 2 post about how to make free calls from Skype (1) and (2) by using SIP provider with free minutes, in those way, you can fully use your SIP accounts with free minutes to make free call from Skype. Today, we are going to talk about how to make free calls from Skype by using the free minutes from access number, see below 

1. One Skype, PC or Mobile also works 

2. One Free Tropo account (Function: Gives a number to call from Skype free and Forward to SIP account)

3. USA access number Provider which can make free international calls

In the above 3 points, 
if skype = mobile phone, then
Tropo = SIM card, 
USA access number = Fee

Now, let's see how to get them and make free call from Skype:

Step 1: Get a Free Skype at and make sure how to get the dial keypad when you are on the voice chat at Skype, you can try a echo test call at skype and see you can get it or not?
Skype 5.3 international version have it when you have voice chat:

For the others version, you need to get it from the menu: 
you are in the voice chat or phone call =>
Click "Call" at the top menu 
Click "Show Dial Pad" (see below image)
Show Dial Pad Menu
and then you will see the keypad:
Dial Pad

Step 2: Get USA access numbers:
We have some in our blogs,  you can go to the sidebar, find the "ACCESS NUMBER FREE CALLS" and click "access numbers direct calls" to get one or more which offer USA access number. For example, I use RecordAll, my register number at RecordAll is 3175271000, and I choose the USA access number is +1-302-824-0106

If you don't want to register the above free call resources at access numbers direct calls, you can try to get from freephone2phone or to choose one or more. (no need to register, just choose the USA access number you want, they are all yours free), for example, I choose 2 freephone2phone numbers: 2023155448 and 2035686843, and 2 freecallpin numbers: 2064241330 and 2062795097

Step 3: 
Get a Free Tropo account and set up an application according to this post:
Click here to open a tropo free account by click "Try it Free"
Login your tropo and add a app (application) according to this page
Please make sure to change the code at Step 6 to the bolow ones by adding the providers' access number and callerID (your registered phone number).

result = ask("Thank you,press 1 for Record All, Press 2 or 3 for free phone 2 phone, press 4 or 5 for free call pin ", {
   choices:"1, 2, 3, 4, 5",

if (result.value == "1")
           say("Connecting you to record all");
           transfer("+13028240106", { callerID:"3175271000"});
if (result.value == "2")
           say("Connecting you to free phone 2 phone");
if (result.value == "3")
           say("Connecting you to free phone 2 phone");
    }if (result.value == "4")
           say("Connecting you to free call pin");
    }if (result.value == "5")
           say("Connecting you to free call pin");

Please note the phone numbers in the above code, and change them into yours. 

If you want to add more access number, such as 7 ones, please make changes as below:
1. Change the choices and attempts: 

choices:"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7",

2. add more 2 "if" code as below, such as:

if (result.value == "6")
           say("thank you, connecting you to whistlephone");
           transfer("+18003773707", {callerID:"2532181000"});

if (result.value == "7")
           say("thank you, connecting you to whistlephone");
           transfer("+18003773707", {callerID:"3172181001"});


When finished, you will get some numbers at your Tropo application, one of them is the Skype Voice e.g:+990009369991480655 

Step 4: Call this number e.g:+990009369991480655 or 00990009369991480655 at your Skype (don't worry, it is free calls, no charge at all), you will be asked to choose the numbers 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5  to make free calls, according to the code above, press 1 for making free calls from RecordALL, press 2 or 3 from freephone2phone, press 4 or 6 from freecallpin, when prompt, then you can enter the phone number you want to call according to the dial rules of your USA access number providers. 

In all: 
Skype calls free access number e.g:+990009369991480655 or 00990009369991480655 from tropo, tropo picks up and use the provider that you chose to make outgoing calls when you enter the phone number at Skype dialing keypad.

For more USA access number providers with Free Minutes,  go to our sidebar, find the "ACCESS NUMBER FREE CALLS" and click "access numbers direct calls". You will get more. 

After use out of the Free Minutes of each provider, you can change the code in Tropo for a new one. In this way, you can use all your providers which offers free calls by calling USA access number and make free calls from Skype. 
(most of the access number are USA ones)

Done! Enjoy!

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