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Friday, January 20, 2012

3 cents /minute to Paskitan from Tpad - $0.1 free call trial

The rates from Tpad to other some countries is cheap, see below:      
        Paskistan 3cents
India 0.4cents
Egypt 7cents
Bangladesh 1.9cents 
Phillipines 9.9cents
China 0.8cents

Tpad now offers $0.1 free trial, when you sign up, just need to activate your email, nothing else is needed. You can make call from Tad' client, or use its SIP account in SIP softphone such as eyeBeam or voip devices. 

Sign up here => active your email => and you will receive $0.1

the sip account info:

SIP username: 1754803 (this is your Tad number)
Password: xxxxxx           (this is your password)
Server / Domain:

sip address:

With Tpad, you can also call any SIP address as long as the SIP address is available for incoming calls free.

You can also forward the the incoming calls of Tad to PSTN (landline or mobile phone)

Tpad to Tpad is free.

If you don't like to use SIP or PC calls, you can use your mobile phone or landline to dial the accesss number below and enter your PIN key (provided in your account)
more info click here

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