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Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to make free calls from Skype (5) rebtel+tropo

Speaking of rebtel, you can make free unlimited 10 seconds international phone calls to most mobile and landline in the world from rebtel PC softphone, However, too much softphones at computer will be not a good idea, rebtel offers free SkypeIn but doesn't offer SkypeOut. If you are using an USA number to register at Rebtel, you can make Free Calls From Skype Via Tropo by using Rebtel access number.  When rebtel PC softphone has problem, you can still make free call from PC.  Wanna know how it works? Here are the steps:

If Skype = Mobile Phone, then
Tropo = SIM card
Rebtel = Fee

Step 1: Get a rebtel account with your USA number

1. Sign up rebtel with your USA phone number (if you don't have one, just go to our sidebar, find the FREE VIRTUAL NUMBERS, then click Phone Numbers-USA or Phone Numbers-Worldwide to get one.  (Google voice is not available to register at Rebtel now because too much abuse)

If you don't want to have one, you can use search or make one by yourself, how to make one? For example Search any real USA phone numbers, e.g: 3173701000, then you can use 3173701001 to register at Rebtel, at the moment, USA number that register at rebtel needn't verify, so you can use this way to make your own one.

2.  Add a friend's phone number so as to get a local access number for you to call. For example I register my phone number 3173701001, then I add my UK friend number 0044-7924001000, then I got an USA access number 3174890214, when I call this number 3174890214, by using CallerID 3173701001, then my UK friend number 0044-7924001000 will rings.

In all Registered phone 3173701001 call access number 3174890214 (This is USA phone to USA phone call, in Tropo, you have have unlimited Free Calls to USA)

3174890214 will be forwarded to 0044-7924001000 free by Rebtel (10 seconds each time). 

Now, next step we will talk about how to set it up at Tropo.

Step 2: Set your Rebtel numbers at Tropo

Get a Free Tropo account and set up an application according to this post:
Click here to open a tropo free account by click "Try it Free"
Login your tropo and add a app (application) according to this page
Please make sure to change the code at Step 6 to the bolow ones by adding the providers' access number and callerID (your registered phone number).

say("Thank you, Connecting to UK now"); transfer("+13174890214", { callerID:"3173701001"});
CallerID:"3173701001" is the Registered USA number at Rebtel
+13174890214 is the access number for UK number 0044-7924001000

Changed them to yours. 

When finished, you will get some numbers at your Tropo application, one of them is the Skype Voice e.g:+990009369991480655 

Step 3: Call this number e.g:+990009369991480655 or 00990009369991480655 at your Skype (don't worry, it is free calls, no charge at all), the UK number 0044-7924001000 rings. 


If your have more contacts to call, then change the code at Tropo application into the following ones, for example add 5 contacts at rebtel, and get the access numbers to each contact are:
3174890214  for UK          0044-7924001000
3174890215  for China      0086-13800138000
3174890216  for Australia  0061-282073337

Code are: 

result = ask("Thank you,press 1 to call UK, Press 2 to call China, Press 3 to Call Australia", {
   choices:"1, 2, 3",

if (result.value == "1")
           say("Connecting UK");
           transfer("+13174890214", { callerID:"3173701001"});
if (result.value == "2")
           say("Connecting China");
           transfer("+13174890215", { callerID:"3173701001"});
if (result.value == "3")
           say("Connecting Australia");
           transfer("+13174890216", { callerID:"3173701001"});

Please note the phone numbers in the above code, and change them into yours. 

If you want to add more access number, such as 5 ones, please make changes as below:
1. Change the choices and attempts: 

choices:"1, 2, 3, 4, 5",

2. add more 2 "if" code as below, such as:

if (result.value == "4")
           say("thank you, connecting you to whistlephone");
           transfer("+13174890217", { callerID:"3173701001"});

if (result.value == "5")
           say("thank you, connecting you to whistlephone");
           transfer("+13174890218", { callerID:"3173701001"});

If you do this, please make sure make sure how to get the dial keypad when you are on the voice chat at Skype, you can try a echo test call at skype and see you can get it or not?
Skype 5.3 international version have it when you have voice chat:

For the others version, you need to get it from the menu: 
you are in the voice chat or phone call =>
Click "Call" at the top menu 
Click "Show Dial Pad" (see below image)
Show Dial Pad Menu
and then you will see the keypad:
Dial Pad
Call this number e.g:+990009369991480655 or 00990009369991480655 at your Skype (don't worry, it is free calls, no charge at all), when prompt, press 1, and the UK number 0044-7924001000 rings, press 2 for China number, press 3 for Australia number and so on.
=================================cut line==================================
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