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Monday, January 2, 2012

| Free SkypeIn 1/3 | iNum forwarded to Skype Free by Comfytel

Happy New Year! 
If you want to add a phone number to your SKype, then you need to pay for the SkypeIn per month, however we use this way to add a free phone number to your Skype for Free SkypeIn, and you don't need to nothing:

IPKALL(or others viutal phone numbers in other Countries) => SIP (localphone) => iNum (Comfytel)=> Skype 

It works well, let's doing it step by step, today, we are going to talk about the iNum=>Skype

What is iNum? For me it is just a virtual phone number, such as: 00883510001223237, start with 00883 (the international phone number code), some softphone such as localphone can make Free unlimited call to iNum. For more info, please refer to

Now, about iNum =>Skype, that's iNum forwarded to Skype free, who can offer this? Comfytel can. If you don't have a comfytel account, click here to get one first  before the next step for iNum=>Skype. Then add your skype account into Comfytel, and follow Step 5 to forward the iNum to you Skype in Comfytel, here I copy it as below:

5. Get the iNum (international number), click one my account---> reach numbers  iNum: 00883510001220721
    You can set your iNum rings to: (Ring to skype is FREE)

Now, open your skype, and use your Localphone to call your Comfytel iNum, your SKype will ring.

Don't have localphone? Click here to see how to get one

Anyother softphones can make free calls to iNum? 
Yes, there are.
Click here to see who they are.

You may say, but I tried, the landline and mobile phone cannot call iNum, I want my loved ones to call a phone number by using their landline or mobilphone. Does it work for FREE? My answer is yes. That is about:
 Virtual Phone number =>Localphone SIP=>iNum=>Skype

The above are all about | Free SkypeIn 1/3 | iNum to Skype
Next we will talk about | Free SkypeIn 2/3 | how to add a SIP to your SKype Free
Next Next we will talk more about | Free SkypeIn 3/3 | how to a add Free Virtual Phone number to Skype as Free SkypeIn.

Let's do it in the coming my blog...step in step...soon..

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