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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pamela for Skype: your Skype secretary to manage your call, chat, video records and more...

What is Pamela? What can it do? See below features, they offers 30 days free trials:

Skype Call Recording
Skype Video Recording
Skype Chat Recording
Skype Call Transfer
Skype Call Scheduler
Record calls automatically
Mono/Stereo recording option
Skype Conference Call manager
Create cool mood messages
Answering Machine
Play sounds during calls
Auto Chat Reply
Birthday Reminders
Email Forwarding
Contact Personalization
Blogging & Podcasting

If you are interested in it, click the below image to download and use it.

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Skype Record Video said...

I really like the capability of Pamela Software for Skype being a Skype Secretary. I think that this software would really help me a lot on using and managing my Skype Calls. I think that I would be able to make some recording of my important calls.

Алиса said...
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Tomas Green said...

I tried the trial, the software is very good! If it were free only. After a good search I found the Skype Recorder that is free and thought it may be useful for someone - the DVDVideoSoft's Skype Recorder (