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Sunday, January 29, 2012

[Free Calls Guider] blog add a new search function for readers to search all the posts

You will find in most of the blogs, it is a bit hard to find all the posts that you want to read, in fact, many blogs has a search bar powered by google, in this blog [free calls guider], also have one added lately. 

Since there are more than 200 posts here, search bar will help a lot for dear [free calls guider] readers to search the post and free calls resources and skills, for example, if you want to search the virtual phone numbers, just enter virtual phone numbers at the search bar, and you will find all the posts sorted at [free calls guider] regarding to the free virtual phone numbers, besides free calls guider, you can also find the other providers of free virtual numbers, if you like it, click it if you are interested. Besides you can see the relative posts of [free calls guider] with the domain in green :

Another example, if you want to see if [free calls guider] have a post of the certain free phone calls provider or not, just search the name of the provider, for example, I want to see if [free calls guider] has the post of "Nymgo", the search "Nymgo" and you will see:

So, get fully use of [free calls guider] now, and get more free phone calls and skills of free calls, free Skype and PBX or others, you will find [free call guider] is a amazing, if you think [free calls guider] is good, then  leave a comment here, I will be very happy,  if you find not good, tell me also, I will make it better. Thank you for your support of [free calls guider].

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