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Thursday, January 12, 2012

[PPoutlet-smart phone card] Free $2 international call, access number or iPhone app calls

Today I received an email from (smart phone card, smart pinless):
Try the new updated Iphone app and Get $5 free just for trying it !
Dial directly from your contact list through the 'Smart Pinless' App
Refer a friend and Get $5 free, once your friend opens a new account and recharges have them give us your phone number and we will automatically add $5 bonus

When I go to its page, it shows 2$ for free trials, is it 5$ or 2$ by iPhone App? So confusing. 

However, half year ago, I did register at, and they gave me 2$ free call trials by calling the access number by my registered phone, at that time, I used google voice to registered it, the voice is very good. I still have $1 left at my accout, now they have call back services also. You can have free account with $2 also if you don't have the iPhone. 

I am not sure if the iPhone app for callback or direct mobile voip calls for I have no iPhone, but I guess it is direct call, if any one interested in it, please have a try to see if they offers $5 or $2 for iPhone app trial, and let me know, thanks.

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