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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Magic iNum - Free Unlimited international Daily Call

What is iNum ? 


Well, I was wondering it also for a long time and finally I just see it as a phone number, a virtual phone number, e.g:00883510001223237. INum stands for international Number. It is a new kind of global phone number for a new kind of world -- a world with a new geography that's about local presence and global relationships, not about distance or national borders.

iNum is making use of the +883 global country code created by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union).

Voxbone, with deep expertise in VoIP and telephone numbers,  was assigned +883 5100 in 2008 and started the iNum Initiative which maintains the SIP and administrative infrastructure to enable this global number range for IP Communications.

One number, worldwide
Traditional phone numbers are tied to a particular country, or even a particular city, so when you move to another country you need to get a new number from a new supplier.  iNum numbers however do not have this limitation and you can therefore keep your iNum wherever you go in the world. 

One number for multiple services
iNum initially supports voice and SMS, but it will soon support more services. Stay tuned!

Who can call my iNum?
iNums are reachable from a growing list of networks. Eventually iNums will be reachable from any network worldwide just as any other ‘real' phone number.

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Today, I am not going to discuss the professional wordings of iNum, for more details, please refer to, what I am going to share with you is about the 4 magic iNums: 

Why do I say there are magic, because you can call them free and then you can make free international calling daily.

How can it happen? Just follow me:

Step 1. Get a free account to call iNum free:
rebtel or
ippi or
go to our sidebar "FREE CALL"=>"Free Call to iNum" to have one.
These account above can call iNum FREE, or if you have another free account in this list, then you can also use it, no need to register another if you wish. 

Step 2. . SIP or PC softphone or mobile voip app to call iNum FREE

localphone (sip account available)
callcentric (sip account available) 
rebtel (no SIP account, you can use its PC softphone or mobile voip apps to call the iNum Free)
ippi (sip account available)

Put the SIP account in your eyebeam, click here to see how

Step 3. . Call one of the iNums below:

Step 4. . When prompt, you will be asked to enter the PIN, check Today's PIN at our webphone, you will see the Pin at the right of our webphone e.g: Today's Pin: 3434 (each day is different)

=>Enter the PIN and press #, e.g: 3434#
=>Then you will hear the long sound, just enter the international number that you want to call and press #, e.g call USA: 0018003733411# 

Available Destination Countries, please check here.

And you can enjoy the Free International Call Now!

What about I don't want to use PC to call ? I want to use my mobile phone to make free international call. Any Way? 
Yes, there is a way, very easy, I will tell you tomorrow, Subscribe your email below and you will be get it tomorrow at your email or visit our blog tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I really enjoyed this insight article and really wanted to try it. I went to "check Today's PIN at our webphone, " but DID not "see the Pin at the right of our webphone " There was nothing around the webphone.

I even clicked on the webphone, but it took to

When I clicked on the "click here" link below the webphone, it took me to

Please let me know where I can find the correct link. Thank you

BooBoo Phone said...

The link is:

maelicraft is my business site, I hosted my webphone there.

dialabroad said...

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