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Monday, January 16, 2012

[Paltalk]Free International Calls 25-60minutes, plus 5 glabal SMS

If you like to make free phone call from PC to Phone, then you can try to use Paltalk, you can get 25 free minutes for internatioanl calls 250countries supported. Very easy to use, some of the voip fans told me they can make 1 hour call, besides, Paltalk is also an IM, you can have free Paltalk to Paltalk chat by text message, voice and video, and you can even have your own page for video chat like:
And you can create your own public, 200 person chat room, free!
You can use Paltalk at Windows PC, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
Here I will tell you how to get the free minutes and SMS, see below steps:

Step 1: Download Paltalk click here (Windows PC and iPhone)
Android and Blackberry, click here to reach the download page of Paltalk

Step 2: Install Paltalk => Get a free account 

Step 3: After created your account, go to your email and verify it:

and at the same time, you paltalk loged in automatically itself:

Step 4: From the Paltalk screen shot image above, you can see Free SMS: 5, you can send free SMS by click Send. And you can also make free phone calls to 250 Countries but click the "Phone button" under the menu "Favorites", then you can enter your number, dial format is e.g: call USA: +18003733411

Chat page: SuperIM URL video chat at webpage:  (username is your paltalk login)
Mine is, you can open it and see or chat with me

Our group Chat room, if you like to chat about free calls, click here to login and chat: 

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You can also make free international call at our webphone click here

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simplecall said...

I live in UK but my parents lives in other country so i am looking for cheap international calls or cheap calling cards to reduce my call rates.

BooBoo Phone said...

Hi, can you tell me which Country do you want to call?

I recommend localphone or rebtel, price is cheap and quality is good, click here for more details:

Localphone (it is form UK)link:

Rebtel link:

Rich Hacker said...

Free international calling software,Free download

dialabroad said...

Thanks for such a nice information here. It is really bad that it is hard to find such a useful information online.Free International Calls

simplecall said...

i just wanted to know about international calling card
to each and every destination in the World with cheap calling rates.
Can anyone suggest me something?