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Monday, January 23, 2012

How to make free calls from Skype (2) : SIP accounts with Free Minutes

Last post about how to make free calls from Skype (1), we use Tropo access number to make free calls from Skype, it works well, today, we have another choise, it is Teleku, using Teleku instead of Tropo to make free call from Skype, here is how:

1. One Skype, PC or Mobile also works 
2. One Free Teleku account (Function:  Forward your calls from Skype free)
3. One Free  PBXes account (Enable to call out free)
4. One SIP accounts with Free Minutes
we have some in our blogs,  you can go to the sidebar, then find the "SIP" and click "Free SIP Calls" to get one or more. 

In the above 4 points, 
If skype = mobile phone, then
Teleku = access number, 
IPKALL = access number (Free USA virtual phone numbers)
PBXe s= SIM card, 
SIP account = Fee

Now, let's see how to get them and make free call from Skype:

Step 1: Get a Free Skype at and make sure how to get the dial keypad when you are on the voice chat at Skype, you can try a echo test call at skype and see you can get it or not?
Skype 5.3 international version have it when you have voice chat:

For the others version, you need to get it from the menu: 
you are in the voice chat or phone call =>
Click "Call" at the top menu 
Click "Show Dial Pad" (see below image)
Show Dial Pad Menu
and then you will see the keypad:
Dial Pad

Step 2: Get a Free PBXes (click here) and set it up according to this post: How to use PBXes (5) SIP extensions, how to make your own access number
When you finished, you will get a SIP address e.g:

Step 3: Route your IPKALL to your SIP address of PBXes above
Don't have a IPKALL, please click here to apply one:

SIP username is your PBXes extension 2002, username-2002
After Submit, you will be allocated a USA number by email.
For example, the one I get is 3605152999

[note:]If you have an IPKALL account, then change the correspondent SIP username and Hostname or IP address as above picture. 

Step 4: Get a Teleku account and route it to your IPKALL number 

------>1. signup
------>2. click "Create New Phone App ----->then click "Novice (PhoneML Wizard)"
------>3. Click "+Add Action", and choose "Transfer caller to another phone number"
------>4. enter the IPKALL number allocated at step 3 such as 3605152999 and then click "Add"
------>5. finally click Save PhoneML
------>6. now, the APP has been set up
------>7. you will see your 3 digits extension number and "Skype:TelekuApp". 
            Remember that 3 digits extension, for example mine is 689.

Step 5. Make Free Calls Now
1.  Add "telekuapp" as a freind in your skype, it will show offline always, but never mind.
2. Fine "telekuapp" at your contact list, and right click it with your mose, then choose "call", you will be asked to entered a 3 digit extension when prompt, mine is 689, so I enter 689, when hear the long tone, now dial the number to make free phone call.  (if you don't see the keypad, check it according to Step 1)
(About how to dial the numbers, please refer to step 4 at How to use PBXes (5) SIP extensions, how to make your own access number )

In all: 
Skype make free call to Teleku, Teleku picks up and fowards this number to your IPKALL USA number (Teleku can make free calls to USA phone number) , IPKALL then forward it to the SIP address free, PBXes picks up and use the SIP provider with Free Minutes to make outgoing calls when you enter the phone number at Skype dialing keypad.

For more SIP providers with Free Minutes, you can go to the sidebar, then find the "SIP" and click "Free SIP Calls" to get more.

You can add max. 5 SIP providers into PBXes, but don't worry, after use out of the Free Minutes of each provider, you can delete it and add one new. In this way, you can use all your Free SIP accounts in one place to make free call, add them on PBXes, make free calls from Skype. 

Done! Enjoy!
Next we will talk about how to make free calls from Skype by using access number which has free minutes
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