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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zadarma Free 50minutes ($0.75) calls worldwide

Before Zardama gave $0.5 for free call trial, not only $0.1, however, we have a way to get $0.75 by getting the Bonus from Zardama's facebook. Now follow me:

Step 1. Register a free account at Zardama, select Standart or Payfree to get free minutes calls

Step 2. You will get an email, click the link to verify your account.

Step 3. Make sure  you have at least 10 friends at your facebook (you can get nothing if you have least than 10)

Step 4. Click here to access to Zardama at your facebook, then click "Zadarma Bonus" on the left menu:

Then you will see below info:
Congratulations to you, Booboophone-FreeCallsGuider!
You have 71 friends and you get a gift code for calls to anywhere in the world and 50 minutes from Zadarma.

Your gift code 7d7c4000 , save it.

To activate your gift package, visit the section "Deposit Account" for your personal account. If you do not enter the private office, then the tariff and register.

If it shows:

Secure browsing is not supported
This application does not yet support secure browsing (HTTPS).
Then go to your account settings=>Security and disable Secure Browsing, just uncheck it and click Save Changes

Step 5. Now login to Zadarma , click "my accont"=>"Pay" and enter the gift code, then finally click next and you will see you have $0.75

If you have more than 500 friends there in your facebook, you can get more $. 
Try it. 

Step 6. How to make free calls by using this FREE $0.75
1. Call from Zadarma softphone (direct calls)

3. Calls from mobile (android)
4. Callback (not for free account)

Step 7. Others
1. You can get a Moscow incoming number FREE as long as you top up, for example, I got a number:

Your connected number: +79019043200 for SIP 37800
Status: awaiting activation
Specified number will be connected automatically after Your next payment on any sum of money (for that You pay nothing as the number is for free).

The number works for two month from the last payment. If You make payment on any sum of money, the work of numebr prolongates.
The minimum amount:
Qiwi : $2
PayPal : $5, maximum - $100
Other systems : $1.25

2.  Free Direct Number with extension in 23 Countries
How to use click here

3. Fax in
Activate Fax in, cannot use SIP incoming calls
Activate SIP incoming calls, cannot use Fax in
Choose one of them

Thank's to new service from ZADARMA project You can receive faxes from any country and city which are in list of access numbers for free.
All your partners need to send fax is to dial our free direct number in their city and Your SIP number after which to begin fax sending.
To activate fax receiving, put the mark near "Use given SIP number for fax receiving" in Your SIP-settings.
When You activated fax receiving function, Your SIP number can not be used for receiving incoming voice calls. To receive voice calls add new SIP number in SIP-settings.

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You can also make free international call at our webphone click here

Any question, please leave your message below or go to our forum to ask, we will reply all and try our best to help you out. 

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