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Monday, January 30, 2012

How to use the DID phone numbers from Zadarma

 What is DID number? What is DID number definition? Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) number is for receiving incoming calls, you can call it as a virtual phone number, usually, DID number routed to the softphones or applications or IMs of PC or Mobile phone or SIP or PBX to receive FREE incoming calls, most of them have extensions and by using the PSTN numbers from as the DID number providers. However, some direct DID numbers haven't extensions, such as IPKALL, Google voice, UKDDI etc. 
Except these, if you need DID number without extension, you may need to buy DID numbers and pay per month from $1 to 20$ according to different numbers in different Countries (see Zadarma  DID number in 70 Countries  for an example) . No matter what kind of DID, we always want to know this DID can be routed to our mobile phone or not, can routed to our Skype or not, the answer is yes if you are a good reader of my blog, you will find it is very easy by using PBX such as PBXes. Today we are not going to talk about how to routed the DID number to mobile phone number, we will talk it later in the coming days (in fact if you follow my blog, you may have known how to routed the DID to mobile phone free, we talked about the skills before). What we are going to talk about is how to use the DID number of Zadarma.

Yesterday, I've introduced Zadarma, if you don't have one Zadarma account, go and  click here to get one , now let's see how to use their amazing free DID numbers services.
1. Free DID number with extension dialing (DID without extension, you need to pay)
How to use
Login your Zadarma on SIP softphones or Zadarma softphones
Call one of the following numbers
When prompt, enter the 5-digits SIP number of your Zadarma, for example, mine is 37800
Your Zamarma will ring right away
Pick it up, the voice is very good in quality
Israel, Jerusalem +972 (2) 569-50-85
Kazakhstan, Almaty +7 (727) 323-13-42
Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk +7 (351) 750-35-69
Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg +7 (343) 236-62-39
Russian Federation, Moscow +7 (499) 703-02-99
Russian Federation, Moscow - mobile + 7 (901) 904-33-55
Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod +7 (831) 429-03-34
Russian Federation, St. Petersburg +7 (812) 309-02-59
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk +38 (056) 785-77-47
Ukraine, Kharkiv +38 (057) 756-29-88
Ukraine, Odessa +38 (048) 788-10-00
United Kingdom, Birmingham +44 (121) 279-03-24
United Kingdom, Liverpool +44 (151) 209-01-04
United Kingdom, London +44 (20) 3298-41-31
USA, New York +1 (718) 831-71-56

2. If you don't find your numbers above, you can  check here  at Sipbroker, the partner of Zadarma. 
Call one of the below DID numbers,  
When prompt, dial the sipbroker Code  *9791 of Zadarma (remember to dial the asterisk * , it is also part of the number) and then follow your SIP number. For example, mine SIP number is 37800, I choose   "Argentina, Bahia Blanca +542914850425", so I dial +542914850425 first, when prompt, I dial *979137800, and my Zadarma will ring.

Direct numbers with the code *9791 is available in the following countries:

Argentina, Bahia Blanca +542914850425
Argentina, Buenos Aires +541152540404
Argentina, Buenos Aires +541152582353
Argentina, Cordoba +543515682288
Argentina, Cordoba +543515681875
Argentina, La Plata +542214480363
Argentina, Mar Del Plata +542234322624
Argentina, Neuquen +542994362277
Argentina, Neuquen +542994367713
Argentina, Parana +543434145990
Argentina, San Luis +542652353013
Argentina, San Luis +542652353004
Argentina, Santa Fe +543424375605
Austria, Vienna +4312297277
Belgium, Bruges +3250580109
Belgium, Brussels +3228888995
Belgium, Brussels +3228080352
Belgium, Charleroi +3271960717
Belgium, Ghent +3292980106
Belgium, Hasselt +3211960808
Belgium, Leuven +3216672515
Belgium, Liege +3242680133
Brazil, Belo Horizonte +553132316393
Brazil, Brasilia +556137175111
Brazil, Rio De Janeiro +552135219988
Brazil, Salvador +557137175822
Brazil, Sao Jose Dos Campos +551232125035
Brazil, Sao Paulo +551130705202
Bulgaria, Burgas +35956981201
Bulgaria, Sofia +35924802401
Bulgaria, Varna +35952980111
Canada, Abbotsford +16047553458
Canada, Brantford +15199000070
Canada, Calgary +14037752208
Canada, Edmonton +17806283504
Canada, Fort Mcmurray +17807472065
Canada, Halifax +19024823738
Canada, Hamilton +19053901547
Canada, Kelowna +12508709000
Canada, Kelowna +12504699037
Canada, Kingston +16138872383
Canada, Kitchener +15199571904
Canada, La Prairie +14508000020
Canada, Lethbridge +14033883611
Canada, London +15199371599
Canada, London +15199371450
Canada, Medicine Hat +14034883600
Canada, Montreal +15148002070
Canada, Montreal +15149089707
Canada, Oshawa +19056746127
Canada, Ottawa +16138000688
Canada, Quebec City +14189483307
Canada, Red Deer +14037558510
Canada, Sherbrooke +18197802742
Canada, St Johns +17097576255
Canada, St. Catherines +19053782953
Canada, Toronto +14169003666
Canada, Trois Rivieres +18198405332
Canada, Vancouver +16046309700
Canada, Victoria +12504126019
Canada, Waterloo +15197725767
Canada, Whistler +16049662036
Canada, Windsor +15199682444
Canada, Winnipeg +12042720207
Canada, Winnipeg +12044804085
Croatia, Zadar +38523777333
Croatia, Zagreb +38518000088
Cyprus, Larnaca +35724030200
Cyprus, Limassol +35725030400
Cyprus, Nicosia +35722030204
Cyprus, Paphos +35726030400
Czech Republic, Brno +420530512499
Czech Republic, Prague +420226253813
Denmark, National +4569122199
Finland, Helsinki +358942417755
Finland, Tampere +358341089414
Finland, Turku +358248084144
Hungary, Budapest +3619990177
Hungary, Szeged +3662999050
Hungary, Szekesfehervar +3622999350
Israel, Jerusalem +97225695099
Israel, National +972775664488
Israel, National +972732444224
Italy, Milan +3902320626925
Italy, Rome +3906916504919
Japan, Osaka +81645604000
Japan, Yokohama +81456709019
Mexico, Guadalajara +523346242922
Mexico, Monterrey +528188811011
Mexico, Tijuana +526642311144
Netherlands, Amsterdam +31208005070
Netherlands, Rotterdam +31108009420
New Zealand, Christchurch +6432818910
New Zealand, Wellington +6449747284
Norway, Baerum +4763000904
Norway, Oslo +4721953762
Poland, Gdansk +48587435888
Poland, Krakow +48123965999
Poland, Warsaw +48224906996
Romania, Bucharest +40318107744
Russia, Moscow +74959567783
Spain, Granada +34958992020
Spain, Malaga +34851000666
Sweden, Goteborg +46317810603
Sweden, Karlskrona +46455378050
Sweden, Stockholm +46812410631
Switzerland, Geneva +41225087080
Switzerland, Lausanne +41215087021
Switzerland, Zurich +41445087083
UK, Birmingham +441213147477
UK, Birmingham +441213148447
UK, Chester +441244458996
UK, Edinburgh +441315167577
UK, Edinburgh +441315168747
UK, London +442071006747
UK, London +445600029247
UK, Manchester +441616605644
UK, Newcastle +441915438733
UK, Nottingham +441158718491
UK, Nottingham +441158718347
UK, Oxford +441865988024
UK, Oxford +441865988147
UK, Reading +441183218030
UK, Sheffield +441142996668
UK, Southampton +442380988672
UK, Stamford +441780408012
USA, Atlanta, GA +14044786460
USA, Baltimore, MD +14435247370
USA, Boise +12089068433
USA, Canoga Park +18189364699
USA, Denver +13039973255
USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL +19546074525
USA, Hollywood +19543747555
USA, Los Angeles, CA +12132584475
USA, Manchester +16034133477
USA, Memphis, TN +19012572963
USA, Miami +19546074507
USA, Michigan +16166080509
USA, Nassau, NY +15167171635
USA, New York, NY +16462912168
USA, New York, NY +16468109280
USA, Norwalk, CA +15622620897
USA, Oakland Trinidad +15105444497
USA, Ogden, UT +18018231197
USA, Pasadena, CA +16262432197
USA, Philadelphia, PA +12152795938
USA, Sacramento, CA +19162094599
USA, San Diego, CA +16193931797
USA, San Diego, CA +16196843139
USA, San Mateo +16505236897
USA, San Rafael +14152234197
USA, Santa Barbara, CA +18054568597
USA, Santa Cruz, CA +18314803997
USA, Sarasota, FL +19412967097
USA, Seattle, WA +13605260602
USA, Spokane, WA +15099310297
USA, Tampa, FL +18132005979
USA, Torrance, CA +13102948397
USA, Tulsa, OK +19183989841
USA, Washington DC +12025521297
USA, Washington DC +12028214740
USA, West Palm Beach, FL +15619092899
USA, Wilmington, DE +13024427167


If you are using the SIP softphones at your mobile phone (symbian, android or iPhone), when your Zadarma rings, then your mobile phone rings. If your mobile phone cannot use SIP softphones, we have a way, will talk about it tomorrow.

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