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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

| Free SkypeIn 2/3 | how to add SIP to Skype FREE

How's your New Year going in 2012? Must be full of happiness. Yesterday, we've talked about add a Free iNum to Skype for Free unlimited incoming calls at the post "| Free SkypeIn 1/3 | iNum forwarded to Skype Free by Comfytel"
Today, we are continue to the 2/3 part, add a free SIP to your iNum, so that the SIP will be forwarded to your Skype, that is SIP to your Skype Free. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Set up the iNum to Skype according to this post by yesterday;

Step 2. Get a Localphone SIP account 
    click here to sign up =>
    then login =>and activate your phone=>
    click on "My Account" =>Click on Internet Phone =>Scroll down the page => You will see the SIP account e.g:

SIP ID: 4222043
SIP Password: 232323


From the SIP account, we can see that the SIP address of your Localphone is, now we can go to Step 3 .

Step 3. Scroll down the page at step 2, and you can see the 
Settings => Call Forwarding 

Then click "Change" =>and then another page opened => Check the box of Always forward to =>Choose Number =>enter your iNum from Comfytel => Finally scroll down the page and click on "update call forwarding"

Step 4. Now, open your Skype, call your localphone SIP address and wait a few seconds, your Skype rings

How to call Localphone SIP address?
You can use eyeBeam by adding a sip2sip account to call Localphone SIP free, then your Skype rings. Click here to see how to use it

Step 5. Bingo! and Ok, now! enjoy it!

So far, you've know iNum=>Skype, and SIP=>Skype, what next? That's a phone number =>Skype, very exciting, right? Well, we will continue tomorrow for: | Free SkypeIn 3/3 | how to a add Free Virtual Phone number to Skype as Free SkypeIn.
Then your loved ones call this Phone Number, your Skype will rings. Cool! Isn't it? All FREE.


Ben Curtis said...

Skype for sip (SFS) is really a cool way of allowing calls from sip to skype and vice versa and integrates with any voip IP PBX. However, from the perspective of
VoIP Service Provider, i think Skype for Asterisk (SFA) is still the best choice because being a feature full channel driver and rumors about the death of SFA are not to be entertained. Some of the features that I would like SFS to have and which are already in SFA are, If I am not late and these are not already integrated, like:
- SFS, as compared to SFA has no support for presence information.
- SFS also lacks buddy list management.
- SFA supports many codecs while SFS supports only G.729.

BooBoo Phone said...

Thank you Ben, are professional, Skype for Asterisk (SFA)is really cool. Many of my friends are using it. Very convenient. Hope we can exchange more experiences on it. My skype is awingchang