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Monday, January 23, 2012

Localphone offers 4 days free calls to China at Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is approaching, it will be in 23 January. What about to get free phone calls to your Chinese friends or family by free of charge. All calls to standard Chinese landlines and mobiles will be free between 16:00 GMT Saturday 21st January until 16:00 GMT Wednesday 25th January. If you don't have localphone acccount, click the below image to get one.  
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You can make call from:

Localphone PC softphone
Web Callback
Call local access number
SIP calls

The cheap call rates to the top countries:
India 1.5¢ / min 
Bangladesh 3.5¢ / min 
Nigeria 6.5¢ / min 
Pakistan 2¢ / min 
China 1¢ / min 
United States 0.5¢ / min 
United Kingdom 1¢ / min 
Kenya 6.9¢ / min 
Thailand 1.5¢ / min 

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