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Saturday, January 21, 2012

More than 300 free virtual phone numbers from 38 Countries in the world are added to your Mobile Phone Free | PBXes + SIPbroker |

From this post Give a free phone number(with extension) to your Gtalk or other voip clients to receive free unlimited incoming calls, we knew that sipbroker offered PSTN number covered 38 countries, and can be forwarded to Gtalk or others sip accounts, today, I am going to tell you a cool news, make this PSTN numbers to be accessed to your loved ones' or yours mobile phone / landline Free, when you travel in this 38 Countries, you can also route it to your loved ones to make free international calls, when you want to receive incoming calls from your love ones within this 38 Countries, they only need to pay local calls, no need to pay international calls to reach you, you can be within in anywhere in the world to receive free incoming calls, no limited to this 38 Countries, so cool right? Now follow the steps:
Step 1: Tools
1. One PBXes SIP and routed the PSTN you want it to be to receive incoming calls
2. One SIPbroker alias registered by the SIP of PBXes

Step 2: get a SIP of PBXes and route to PSTN
Follow step 1 and step 2 in the post below to route the SIP of PBXes to your mobile phone or your loved ones: (ignore step 3 at below post)
How to use PBXes (4) inbound routing: route a SIP to Mobile Phone, add a virtual phone number to Mobile Phone

When finished, you will get the sip address e.g:

Step 3: Get an alias number at SIPbroker
1. Click here to register                    
Userid is the SIP you get at Step 2:
Fill in your password and email address then Click Save and you will see:

2. Go to check your email and activate your account by click the blue link:
then you will see:

3. Now login SIPbroker and get your alias

   then enter password
   then scroll down the page and add your alias:
Country: choose your own Country or the County you want
SIP Broker Alias: enter your mobile phone number or the number which is easy for you to remember, this Alias acts as an extension of the PSTN in 38 countries which also has been routed to your PBXes SIP e.g: 
(you can change the Country and SIP Broker Alias any time you want, Userid (SIP address) also can be changed any time you want)

Step 4: Now, let's see if it works or not:
I Call any PSTN number in these 38 countries, such as 001-954-6532113 by using my webphonewhen prompted, then dial my Alias: *011-1-800-373-3411 (remember to dial the Asterisk * ), and a few second, my mobile phone rings, all incoming calls are free. 

The caller may need to pay local cost when calling one of the PSTN numbers in those 38 countries according to their carriers.


1. You can change the PSTN at PBXes if you don't want to be routed to your mobile phone, it is up to you.
2. If you don't want to Alias routed the SIP of PBXes or it is not work well for you, you can route to another SIP address, such as, if yes then, 
=>change your Userid at SIP broker to =>
=>Add sip2sip account in the SIP Trunk of PBXes (register choose "Yes") , Trunk name: sip2sip=>
=>Add a incoming route at inbound routing, Trunk name is also: sip2sip, extension choose to 8002

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