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Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to get a Free PBXes account

Now, it is time to talking about PBX (Private Branch eXchange), what is PBX ? Considering most of the voip fans may not understand even I express it in the professional way. So, I am going to tell you what you can get from it:

1. Free Incoming calls

2. Free Outgoing Calls 
(web callback, SIP calls, access number calls can use your PSTN (mobile phone or landline to make free calls, or you ca also use PC to make it)

3. Free Routing (route the incoming call to your mobile phone or PC softphone or skype)

4. Free forwarding 

5. Make all the free calls accounts into one account.
As you know most of the free calls offer SIP account and access numbers to make free outgoing calls, PBX can put all the SIP accounts and others free call resources with access numbers in one PBX to make free calls

In my blog you can always find some nice SIP providers with Free SIP calls, and access number calls (go to our sidebar and you will get more)

Now, you may get a bit idea of PBX, there are many free PBX services, and is one of the providers which offer Free PBX account, let's get a Free PBX account at, it is simple, just follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Open

 And you will see what www# you can get at the web address of your browser, see below, I got www2
 It can be www1, www2, www3, www4, or www6 due to different Countries.   Germany   USA   Germany  USA JAPAN 

Step 2. Click "CREATE ACCOUNT" and finish the sign up then submit

Step 3. Fill in the sign up
1. Timezone: the www#, the # is 2 for me here, see step 1, and you are advised to choose the correspondent one.  (if you want to change, you can change it after sign up at "personal data")

2. Birthday format is e.g: 01/05/1985

When finish, check the box in front of "Allow" and click " Submit & Start ", and you will see below, it means successful.

And you will also get a welcome email, no need to activate anything and you can start using it now.

How to use?
I will tell you step by step in the coming days, trying my best to explain it in a way simple and easy-to-understand, just follow us by subscribe your email below and you will get the latest posts of PBX. 

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