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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Receive SMS online Free with 7 sms numbers, totally Free

Today, I launch a new service for my readers. Many voip fan are looking resource of receiving SMS online free. And here I made a new app for receive sms or text online free. This app is created by my smart Chinese friend called QingFeng. 

I add 7 numbers to this app, 
1-770-829-0173 and, 

It is totally free to use these numbers to receive SMS text online, now follow the steps:
1. Send SMS text to any of the numbers above
2. Click here and Check the SMS contents and you will see the SMS contents as below:

3. That's it, done!

If you have any questions about this app, please feel free to leave your comment(s).

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Anonymous said...

Great to use for sites that need a sms to join or recover passwords but the carriers used are not supported at most web sites to use as sms verification.It would be nice to see T-mobile,Verizon, and popular brand numbers.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend
thank you so much you really did a great job
. and thanks to your genuis chinese friend :)

i really have some questions
Fisrt 1 is how can i get my own number like those you have lol..
its really important

waiting your response

BooBoo Phone said...

You can get it at

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for ur response

Excuse me but this domain doesn't work

Thanks a lot

BooBoo Phone said...

Thank you for your remind, I will make it work soon...

Anonymous said...

The linkbucks is still not working to see the sms received.I hope you update it soon and add new numbers.Many of these do not work for facebook and other sites.The carriers are not supported.

Anonymous said...

It is still not working :(
I need to receive only 1 sms from China to a Chinese/Taiwanese/HongKong/Korean/Japanese number...
Does anyone know other free or low cost one time solution?
Thank You in advance!

Anonymous said...

I pay you 5 USD via paypal if you make this thing work...

Or if someone would receive an sms for me and send its content to me in an e-mail.
contact me:

Awing said...

Sorry, My PHP hosting is not workable right now, am looking for another one...will have this worked in the future.

Anonymous said...

Ok when can you repair it? I really need this thing and could not find anything similar on the net, even tried to google it in Chinese...
So pls I would pay 10 dollars if you can make it work by Friday and it can receive that sms i want so bad...

onlinexx said...

not work anymore :(

Anonymous said...

Link dead for US.

Incidentally, would it work with short codes?

Awing said...

I have it works now again, please go to: to check your SMS.

Anonymous said...

Is not working with Facebook verification.... no sms coming in here with a code :-(

Anonymous said...

is this things still works? i need this program to apply at weibo >< please help me

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