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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

| Free SkypeIn 3/3 | How to add a IPKALL or others FREE phone number to Skype for FREE SkypeIn

Now you have known  | Free SkypeIn 1/3 | Free iNum to Skype;
and | Free SkypeIn 2/3 | Free SIP to your SKype;

Here we can finally discuss about "| Free SkypeIn 2/3 | Free Phone Number to Skype

What phone number? My mobile phone number? No...
It is virtual phone number...the virtual phone number that can be forwarded to SIP address.
Where are they? Well, you can find some of them here in my blog, go to the sidebar=>find "FREE VIRTUAL PHONE NUMBERS" =>Click on "Virtual numbers to SIP"
And you will get one or ones, more and more will be added in the future.

Today, I want to use IPKALL (the USA virtual phone number)
to set an example because it is very easy to get one and easy to use.

Here are the steps:
Step 1. open 

Step 2.  Click on sign up and fill in with your localphone SIP info as below , and submit

SIP username is your localphone SIP ID  (such as: 4222043)
Hosname or IP address is:

Step 3. . You will get a email right aways if the submit is successful:

Step 4.  Open your email and you will see as below:

so the USA virtual phone number is: 360-515-2986, international format is 001-360-515-2986.

Step 5.  Now call your IPKALL number e.g: 360-515-2986, and your skype will rings
Don't have Free Call to USA? Don't worry, you can use my webphone for unlimited free calls to USA. Click here

A bit more to say. Do you want to forward you IPKALL to your Mobile Phone number? Yes, it  works. 
IPKALL => LocalPhone SIP =>iNum Comfytel => Skype => Moblile Phone (Add credits to Skype and forward Skype incoming calls to your Mobile Phone Number)

Don't want to pay? Hehe...and yes again, I have a way, by using PBX, that's:
IPKALL =>PBXes SIP => Free SIP Accounts =>Your Mobile Phone

Please note the IPKALL is a USA virtual phone number, can be replaced by any virtual phone number as long as it can be forwarded to SIP address, such as the UK virtual Phone number offered by UKDDI.COM, offered virtual phone numbers from many Countries, click here for more "Virtual Phone Number to SIP"

Important: Please make sure to call your IPKALL number every month, otherwise, IPKALL will get it back. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great guide mate!

By the way, could you explain a little more how to forward ipkall to a mobile phone? I read you post this

IPKALL =>PBXes SIP => Free SIP Accounts =>Your Mobile Phone

But is not very clear to me the procedure.

Thanks in advance, keep the good work!