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Thursday, January 19, 2012

[goonvoip] 25minutes FREE international call

Goonvoip is giving away a 25 minutes FREE. to prove to you the savings, the convenience, the promptness, and of course the quality of our calling plans. See the difference by calling ANYWHERE in the World for 10 Minutes, even a cellular phone.
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    Go on Voip now allows the it’s customers to make calls by simply dialing your Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) number from any landline or mobile. The call to the DID number will NOT be answered (and therefore customer will not be charged for that call); instead, the callback platform will disconnect the call and call the customer back.

    Call Back Types:

    1. Pin Callback:-

    The incoming call from the callback platform to the customer will prompt to enter a PIN and destination number and connect the call. The incoming call from the callback platform and the call to the destination number both will be charged against the PIN the user enters.

    2. ANI Callback:-

    The option of authenticating the user based on their CLI (Caller Lined Identification number) is also possible with ANI (Automated Number Identification) Callback. The advantage here is that your registered customers’ Caller IDs are recognized by the callback platform and does not require a PIN to be entered.
    Go on Voip Callback is the ideal solution for VoIP regulated markets as this does not involve access to the internet, and therefore will not have hassles of overcoming VoIP blockages through the local ISP (Internet Service Provider). Both PIN and ANI callback can be easily managed by our Online Reseller Management Tool.

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    Maxie Grewal said...

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